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Jan 8, 2017

FoRP Committee meeting HBC 11/1/2017

Category: General

Questions we have received so far are:-


  • Please update on plans for the park

  • Please advise on timescales

  • How will the work be organised / areas of the park restricted etc

  • Can the plans be printed on a paper copy and displayed for the community to see

  • Where is the plaque that marked the planting of the tree

  • Have the time capsules planted at the same time as the tree been dug up

  • Can we bury new time capsules for future generations to find during the redevelopment

  • Has increased use / visitors to the park been considered in terms of safe parking

  • How does the FoRP “fit into” the redevelopment / what is the groups role

  • What can the community do to support the redevelopment


If you have any more questions, please inbox or message us.


Also, we have been asked about how we communicate with the community, presently by:-


  • Email to members with newsletter and updates

  • Facebook, twitter and website

  • Posting on community Facebook pages

  • FoRP meetings, arranged monthly

  • We will be putting posters up in the park noticeboard as soon as we get the keys


If anyone can think of any other way of communicating with the community / promoting engagement – please inbox, post or message us, thanks


Take care,


Ann, Emma, Robert, Lewis and Heather