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Jan 11, 2017

Meeting with HBC !

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The Journey to the Lottery Fund being allocated


Who knew it has taken 20 years and multiple attempts to achieve a successful lottery funding bid, the lottery changing what they fund certainly helped – the HLF is from the “Parks for People” fund – a fund designed to redevelop parks for local communities with a focus on health, well being and community participation.

Who knew the amount of work that has gone into getting this funding, we certainly did not appreciate the amount of work Neil, Gayle and Hazel did to support the council in securing this funding. The amount of work that went into the application, the local, regional and national rounds to navigate, the meetings that were attended, the questions answered – at this stage, we would like to thank the previous committee of the FoRP, particularly Neil, Gayle and Hazel for the outstanding commitment to the lottery funding bid and the amount of time they put in to support the council in getting the funding –  we were simply stunned by all the work that has gone into this behind the scenes.

Almost there …


We were told today that the council are “almost there” and ready to start the work – final legal agreements and tenders are all that stands between us and the redeveloped park.

Answering our questions …


The questions we had we asked.


  • Please update on plans for the park / Please advise on timescales /How will the
  • work be organised / areas of the park restricted etc


There is a Steering Group for the park development that plans to meet once all the legal and tender matters are in hand. The Steering Group consists of representatives from the HBC, FoRP, Newground, Bootstrap, The Civic Centre and The County Council


(learn more about Bootstrap here


We were told that it is envisaged that the work in the park will commence at the earliest April 2017. The building works will take approx. 26 weeks and landscaping 18 weeks. There will, however, be various small works over the next 2 years (including restoration of the folly and entrance / gates).


From April 2017 until the end of the year, there is likely to be significant disruption and parts of the park will be restricted. HBC ask that everyone acts responsibly and stays away from the areas were work is taking place.


The Coach House redevelopment will include a café managed via Bootstrap, community rooms, a kitchen garden and greenhouses. The café will be “not for profit” and any funds raised will be reinvested in the park to fund events.

Woodland work will take place out of nesting season (Oct-Feb) and the orchard planted in planting season (March onwards).


In the area where the old hall was, Newground are planning an archaeological event with local schools, possibly Feb 2018.


The drinking fountain will be relocated to the kitchen garden with piped water supply.


  • Can the plans be printed on a paper copy and displayed for the community to see


Yes, a copy is being printed off by Peter from Newground, Ann will pick this up and display one copy in the park noticeboard and a second in The Black Dog, Ossy.


  • Where is the plaque that marked the planting of the tree


The plaque was stolen from the park many years ago, at the time it was in the local paper. It is thought it was stolen for the materials it was made from. Very sad.


  • Have the time capsules planted at the same time as the tree been dug up

Those at the meeting today did not know time capsules had been planted and were delighted to have been told these exist – problem is, where are they ?

Please see later regarding things we as a community need to do !


  • Can we bury new time capsules for future generations to find during the redevelopment

Everyone thought this was a brilliant idea and everyone is very keen to involve local schools and community groups – but noted, we need to leave a message to future generations to let them know where we have buried the capsules !


  • Has increased use / visitors to the park been considered in terms of safe parking

The redevelopment of the park is for local people, it is envisaged people will walk or cycle to the park (focusing on health and well being) and there should not be an increase in cars in the area. If there are concerns when the redevelopment is completed, the traffic department will be contacted.

There will be a small number of disabled car parking spaces near the Coach House.


  • How does the FoRP “fit into” the redevelopment / what is the groups role

At the meeting, we were told repeatedly that the FoRP have been central to the achievement of successfully getting the lottery funding, the development of that bid, consultations etc. The FoRP remain central to the lottery funding and are asked to work closely with all partners in the exciting times ahead.


  • What can the community do to support the redevelopment

There are loads of things that the community can help with, for now, here are a few for now:-


  1. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE TIME CAPSULES WERE BURIED  - if we can get a general area, HBC will look at using metal detectors to try and locate / dig them up


  3. The noticeboard situated at the front gates of the park (top of Rhyddings Street) will need to be moved on a temporary basis – where do people think it is best to be moved to ?


  5. Support the FoRP fundraising activities – we have a celebration to  plan and fund when the redevelopment work is complete


  7. Attend the FoRP meetings


  9. If you are not able to attend, give feedback via social media or email

These words probably don’t represent a two hour meeting ! If you have questions, comments or know where the time capsules are ! Please, as always, inbox, post or message


Until next time, take care


Ann, Emma, Heather, Robert & Lewis